Sunday, August 29, 2010

Discovery Green

It has been a busy, busy summer. The boys absolutely loved visiting Discovery Green last year so we wanted to make sure we got a chance to get back out to the park this year before it was too cold to play in the water. Yes, too cold. I know that sounds crazy given this is Houston and it is still 100 degrees outside. Not to mention that we will probably be wearing shorts come Christmas. Apparently the boys didn't get my "cold" tolerance, because their little lips turn a nice shade of blue and they start shaking when they get wet and stand in the shade. Seriously. It was 110 in Balmorhea in July last year, and we had to get out of the spring fed pool because Ryan was turning blue. And a a few weeks ago when "we" were "washing" Great Grannie's motorhome and I had to stop in mid wash to go inside and get towels for the boys - not to dry them off, but to wrap them up in because they were cold. July. In West Texas. Over a 100. Clearly they are not my children.

Okay, well maybe this one is. I swear he's part fish.

Though he isn't trying to breathe the water - at least not intentionally. Oh, no. He's trying to drink it like the big kids were doing. He got a scraped nose for his efforts.

Not that it stopped him for even one second.

Pictures like this just make my heart melt. Oh, so sweet.

Then the pushing and jockeying for primo water space started. You knew it couldn't last, didn't you?

Luckily we spied the ice cream truck. Brawl averted. Until Daddy only got one ice cream for them to share. Like that was ever going to work...

We also ate dinner at the park. On the patio beside the pond where they race boats. It was beautiful. And peaceful. The pink sky of the sinking sun reflected on the shiny new building across the street.

A perfect end to a perfect day.

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