Monday, August 16, 2010

TGGN: Part II - The Free 72oz steak

The Free 72oz steak.

That's what the sign said. And everyone's heard of it.

The Big Texan must have been another one of those place on the International list of places to visit. Surely a tour stop along the old historic Route 66.

Maybe it made the list because of the giant cow.

Or the big boot. Or maybe the stretch limo cadillac that pulled up outside with horns for a hood ornament disembarking it's British occupants. Maybe the French people who sat at a table nearby arrived the same way.

And it's true. You can really get a 72oz steak free. That is if you can finish it in under and hour. Oh, and the sides, too. And there were takers. Displayed on a podium in the middle of the restraunt for you to gawk at. At least 6 while we were there. None of whom made it of course. Though the fanfare and introductions were good entertainment.

We sat at a table near the podium. My mom and I decided to split a 24oz sirloin, salad, and baked potato. It's a good thing she didn't try the 72ozer as she didn't even finish her half. :)

Ryan was being super sweet. And then he started giving my hugs away.

Connor though good was a bit more restless waiting for the food to arrive. He took in all the sights in the main dining room from the variety of people, to the dozens of animal heads on the wall.

And when the food did arrive? The verdict? The rolls were good. The food was edible, but I have clearly had better steaks and sides. Service was a little slow. Waits for a table were a bit long. Though the people watching was great and the gift shop was worth a look.

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