Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TGGN: Part IV: Palo Duro Canyon

Once everyone was up and about we made our way back to our campsite. After a quick breakfast at the picnic table the boys and I set off to explore our campground.

We checked out the campsites.

And conquered the hills.

And admired the scenic views.

The boys loved exploring.

And plotting.

Trust me. You don't want to know... :)

I am not sure the boys had seen cactus before. Much less the ripe prickly pears that dotted the whole area, their deep purple fruits a startling contrast amid the natural grasses.

After a snack break we packed up the motor home and set off to explore some of the other areas of the park.

We trekked up to the base of a cave.

And back, again.

As we drove through the rest of the park we stopped every 10 seconds to take another picture or two (dozen.) :)

There were just so many gorgeous vistas.

And interesting rock formations.

And wildlife. :) We saw an entire flock of turkeys crossing the road in front of us.

We stopped again before too long and set the boys loose.

They explored all the hills.

And followed the dry river beds through the beautiful scenery.

We will definitely have to come back here sometime when we can stay a bit longer and explore the entire park. Though perhaps next time we will come when it's a bit cooler...

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