Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The rest of the story...

So while I was outside taking a "before" picture of our mailbox I could hear claps of thunder booming, threatening rain. A second after one such clap my car started honking. For half a second I thought that the thunder had set it off. I thought that it was odd as the thunder hadn't been all that loud. But the car continued to honk. While constant I realized that it wasn't exactly on rhythm and in that instant I knew. I knew that one of the kids had the keys to the car.

I shouted "Ryan Austin!!" from the street in front of the house. And in between fits of laughter Kevin told me it wasn't fair to blame him before I even knew which one of them it was. As I opened the door to the house sure enough I could see Ryan, standing by the couch, holding the car keys in his hand and pushing like mad.

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