Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finger Lickin' Good

I got industrious again this weekend. Or I suppose technically it started Thursday night when I popped an almost 9lb Boston butt into a giant ziploc bag to brine overnight. First thing Friday I threw it in the oven, set the temperature probe for 200 degrees (yes, 200), and went on about the day. When I opened the door I was met with the mouth watering aroma of a perfectly tender, rested, and ready to be pulled and inhaled pulled pork. And it was DELICIOUS. Especially with a little extra sprinkling of the dry rub and some brown sugar.

Then, speaking of sugar, on Saturday morning I made a new recipe for monkey bread in my favorite heart bundt pan.

Despite only putting in about half of the biscuits that it called for it still pouffed up and leaked over the side of the pan. The drippings of course proceeded to burn on the bottom of oven and send smoke wafting out the door. Thank goodness I don't have a smoke detector in the kitchen...

Connor devoured his helping, calling it "cake" and insistently asking for more. Ryan on the other hand ate a few bites, and pronounced it too sweet with a shudder. Kevin had 3rds.

Not to be outdone, on Sunday I took my brand spanking new double waffle maker for a spin. I love it! The waffles were super easy to make, and oh so light and fluffy. I think I will try a different recipe next time, but I can't wait to make them again.

And come Sunday night as if we hadn't been gluttonous enough lately I cooked a rack of ribs. And they came out falling off the bone, finger lickin good.

And the best part? They were done from start to finish in about 45 minutes. I washed them, cut them up, seasoned them with a dry rub, braised them then threw them in the pressure cooker with some of my favorite home made BBQ thanks to the Kunkels, and a coke. 20 minutes later I depressurized the pot, pulled them out, bushed them with BBQ sauce and stuck them under the broiler for about 7 minutes to crisp up the outside. They were mmm, mmm, good!

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