Friday, July 9, 2010

Be careful what you say...

... because you never know when you are going to hear it again.

We took the boys to the mall food court for a quick dinner a few days ago when we were out running some errand or another. They ended up splitting some bourbon chicken with broccoli and green beans with me (meaning of course that I ate the chicken and they ate the veggies.) Connor devoured every last bite of chicken, broccoli and green beans that landed on his plate. Ryan ate his weight in green beans, but refused to eat something or other else on his plate – the chicken probably. Throughout the meal they had been amazingly well behaved sitting in big boy chairs, using forks, and using the indoor voices - the whole 9 yards. So as a reward I scoped out the dessert options.

Cinnabon – too cinnamoney, Cookie Company – not enough icing, and finally gelato. Perfect gelato. I sampled a lemon that melted in my mouth and a violet which is actually made from the flowers and nothing at all like I expected. There were several people in front of me in line. I sampled while they were making up their minds. I had been gone for a while so I glanced back in the direction of our table. Kevin was standing up, so were the kids. I looked again while a family was ordering. Kevin was looking impatient. I looked a 3rd time after silently willing the people in front of me to “JUST HURRY UP!!” and he gave me the “What are you DOING!?!? GET OVER HERE” look. I had just placed my order when I turned to see Kevin walking towards me with a kid sideways under each arm giving me the “I’ve had it. It is time to home look.” I practically threw my credit card at the clerk tossing a “I’ll be right back” over my shoulder as I went to meet them. I took Connor and came back to get my receipt.

When we got back to the table as Connor and I enjoyed our lemon, and raspberry gelato Kevin recounted what had happened. Apparently not long after I left Connor started asking where I went. He eventually stood up in his chair to get a better view, and monkey see, monkey do. They were both standing up. Kevin tried repeatedly to get them to sit down and as Kevin was getting aggravated with them Ryan blurted out “I am going to bust your butt.” They both began to chant it. Increasing in volume. While standing on their podiums. I can only picture it, but I am sure they were having a great time. And Kevin? Kevin probably wished he could crawl under the table.

Life? Well, it's never boring with two, 2 year olds. :)

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