Saturday, July 24, 2010

Over the Hill

Kevin turned 40. We took the opportunity to remind him just how old he is. :)

There was plenty of black, and maybe a reminder or two (dozen) about being over the hill...

But I think he enjoyed it.

The boys certainly did. :)

Connor especially enjoyed his first ever canoe ride out on the lake. Only bribery convinced him to give up his hold on the boat and set foot on dry land again.

Others enjoyed the lake as well.
I think Cameron was as reluctant as Connor to have to get out.

While waiting for their turn on board or waiting for the pool to re-open from the distant thunder the kids played on playground.

Though once the pool opened back up people flocked inside. The adults to visit and supervise from the comfort of the arm chairs.

And the kids and kids at heart to enjoy the the pool all to ourselves.

Eventually we rounded everyone up to dry off and enjoy some cake.

But not before we plied the kids with blowers.

Uncle Randy helped Ryan and Connor figure out to how use theirs.

After finally locating a lighter we manged to light the candles, sing happy birthday, and enjoy some cake.

Right before the storm blew in with crackling lightening and booming thunder.

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