Monday, June 21, 2010

Yes, those are indeed PJs.

I sent one of the boys to school today in a PJ top.

Our morning routine is an efficient, optimized, streamlined process (HA!) designed to get us all out the door as quickly as possible in the morning. Or as quickly as is possible with two children with a mind of their own. We start off with a trip to the diaper changing station where not only do they get diapers, but also the days’ pants before they leave. From there we head into breakfast and while the boys are eating (read: contained, and distracted) we put on their socks and shoes. As part of the breakfast clean-up we strip off their PJ top and whisk them into the living room where all shirtless children are clothed, hair brushed and shooed out the door all in one fell swoop. Somehow this morning on the slow-poke we missed the strip down, so when we got to the living room phase all children were clothed and therefore ushered out the door without a 2nd thought. I didn't even notice until they were standing at the door waiting to go into their classroom at school and only noticed then because they didn't match.

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