Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Internet shopping

Dear Internet,

You know I love you. And shopping with you from the comfort of my couch in my pajamas is of course one of my favorite past times. What I do not love is the lack of instant gratification after I click the buy button. And what I am loving less than that is the sneaking suspicion that Amazon in an attempt to sell more $79 prime memberships is intentionally delaying the arrival of my packages. 7 days for something to ship to me? From where? Hong Kong?? It's either that or my love affair with the UPS man is coming to an end as I would be sorely disappointed to learn that he couldn't get something to me from anywhere nationwide in 4 days or less. Because if ever there were a miles club for shipping I would certainly be elite. :)

I ordered a new camera tonight. My last one met a tragic end in the Gulf of Mexico almost a month ago. I did manage to get it to power on tonight much to my surprise but it has a lens error. You can hear the sand grinding as the lens attempts to move in an out. Though what would you expect from a camera that went into the ocean and straight to the sandy bottom to be tossed around for probably 15 minutes in a red flag whopper of a tide apparently while turned on?

It was past time to get a new camera or so I was recently told both my family and by Kevin, too as I attempted to not so secretly commandeer his old camera to satisfy my picture taking needs. I was excited as always when I finally convinced myself to not to peek at the price tag in the cart and just push the checkout button. Only to feel an overwhelming let down when I saw the estimated delivery date. The thing better be stamped from some small far away country when it arrives. Like Taiwan. Or Rhode Island.

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