Friday, June 11, 2010

A day at the beach...

We had planned to join some friends for a morning at the beach. Unfortunately due to a forecast of 30% scattered showers around dawn and in the late afternoon they decided to wait for a better day. We had really been looking forward to the trip and decided to go ahead and take our chances. We wouldn't melt in a little rain, and would probably already be so soaked from a dip in the ocean that we wouldn't even notice the difference. Not to mention the fact that the threat of less than ideal weather would mean that the beach was likely to be less crowded.

And it was. We found a great pull-in spot next to the stairs at one of our favorite sections of beaches. And while we certainly weren't alone on the beach there were far fewer people than there typically would have been on a nice May morning. We also had the added bonus of some shade and far lower temps than we had been having making it a super pleasant day all around.

The one thing we didn't think about though was the tide. With what looked like storms out on the horizon the swells were larger than normal and there were red flag warnings up. Not that such a little thing would deter us from letting the kids run right on in of course. :)

But before we did we dumped a mountain of beach toys on the sand and let the boys rake, scoop, fill, and dump to their hearts' desire.

Even Kevin had fun creating his moat while the boys helped build up then topple the pile of his excavated remains.

Ryan actually helped build up the piles, while Connor the destroyer flattened them the second they were built.

The boys eventually decided that while the sand was fun it was time to get their feet wet. So suited up with their life jackets they made a mad dash for the water.

And it was in that frenzy unfortunately that I lost my camera. This was indeed the very last photo taken from my camera just before Connor chased a wave into the water.

Before we left Galveston for the day we drove towards Jamaica beach to find this house. My mom and I had found it once before though late at night so we weren't able to get any good pictures of it. Can you imagine living here? I would love to get a peek at the inside to see just what it looks like.

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