Sunday, June 20, 2010

My First Cache {Kevin}

What is geocaching? I didn't know until Brandi explained it to me. I had heard the term, but never really thought about what it was. Well, now I know. It involves using your GPS to find hidden "treasures" that other people have left. You locate them based on the GPS coordinates. Even when Brandi told me what it was, I never realized there would be so many. They are all over the place. They are right next to places I've been numerous times. However, this is about my first geocache find. It definitely wasn't in a place that I had been before. It was definitely memorable. This geocache was in the woods. We knew that as soon as we got near it. That didn't worry me. I've trampled through the woods my whole life exploring, trying to get to hidden fishing spots, etc. The first thing I noticed was that we had to avoid stickers. No big deal. Then we explored with the GPS trying to get a bearing and find the geocache. Being inexperienced, it took as little while to get the hang of figuring out which way to walk to get closer to the correct GPS coordinates using the handheld GPS. Then, I looked down just in time to notice I was about to step on a coiled up snake. I noticed too late to avoid stepping on it. It wasn't a huge snake, but it wasn't a little one either. I remember it as black with red bands. Brandi said she thought it was just black. I just know it was a snake and I stepped right on it. I'm pretty sure I screamed. I know I jumped up and ran 10 feet away from it. Brandi apparently saw the snake. She asked if it bit me. I didn't feel any pain, so I was pretty confident it had not. I was ready to give up. My primary goal was no longer finding the geocache. It was looking for snakes to be sure I didn't step on them. Brandi didn't want to give up though (she probably would have felt different if she stepped on the snake). To get to the geocache, we had to walk right through snake central. Luckily, it was nowhere to be seen. It was probably scared to death after being stepped on. We did eventually find the geocache. It was a fairly large metal box. So things were looking up, right? Sort of. As soon as we stopped moving, the mesquitos swarmed all around us. They were annoying and biting us before we stopped. However, once we stopped to look in the box, they were unbearable. The box itself had alot of stuff inside. CDs, trinkets, etc. We both would have loved to look at everything in it. However, the mesquitos were just too ferocious. We took a quick look, signed the sheet inside, dropped off our "treasure", and high taled it out of the mesquito and snake infested woods. A very eventful first geocache find.

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