Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rewind - Fiddlesticks Farms

On what has now become and Thanksgiving trip tradition we visted Fiddlesticks Farms. Lucky for us this years' corn maze was far easier than last. We covered all three mazes in record time for us. Unlike last year where we got so hopelessly lost in a starburst area that we finally had to backtrack our way back out the entrace to have any hope of returning to civilization before it got pitch black and the mosquitoes ate us alive.

The boys ready to run the "5 minute" maze on their own.

Connor in an uncharacterically Daddy like move - cutting through the corn when he realized he had reached a dead end.

Well, at least one child made it out.

The whole crew going in.

One of Fiddlestick's new additions this year - the roping horse and steer. We figured the boys should probably take it one step at a time. First, learn how to ride the stationary horse on their own. Next year maybe we will work our way up to sitting a horse and fiddling with a rope. :)

Connor sitting a saddle like a pro.

Ryan - a born cowboy.

The farmers checking out the livestock.

The goats checking them out, too.

And ah, yes. The barrel train. A whole train full of cows with cute little names like Loolabelle, and Daisy. So innoncent looking. But don't let them fool you. They were man, or rather mama eating cows. Trying to get in with one of the kids I managed to sit down with one leg in, with the child in my lap and my other foot hopelessly stuck outside the cow. We had to completely disembark and try again only narrowly making it the second time. The boys had a great time going up and down the hills, round and round the path. I on the other hand was sure I was going to be be black and blue from the beating I took with every turn, and bump along the very, very long ride. The boys on the other hand loved it and were ready to do it all over again.

I am pretty sure that sign is at least 3 inches too short. :) While the munchkins are short, they aren't that short. But at least we will have something to compare it to next year!

And last but not least the super duper slide. The boys thought it was wonderful. And if it had an escalator we might have, too. :)

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  1. You two find more fun places to go. I've heard if you keep your kids busy, they don't have time to get in trouble. You are starting them off right. Great job!!!



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