Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Meanwhile.... Back home...

While Kevin was off trekking all over half of the southern United States, Grannie came out to visit and we took the boys to the zoo.

Run, cheetah, RUN!!!

The cheetah's were the first big animals we spied. This one was even kind enough to get up and wander our direction so we could check him out relatively up close and personal. At first Ryan looked like he was hiding behind Connor as if to say "Eat him first!" But the wise cheetah took one look at them and meandered off in the opposite direction.
From there we went to visit the giraffes then the elephants.

And finally onto the lion show. Only the lions weren't too cooperative, apparently they weren't hungry. Must have eaten some children who leaned too far into the fence calling "Here Kitty Kitty" just before the show. Probably something like this.

So we decided it was time for lunch ourselves and sat down to enjoy some quesedillas. With no highchairs to be found the boys sat in their own chairs at table. I am not even sure they could see what was on their plate. :) When they were done they had probably the most fun of the whole day chasing well fed pigeons in the big open area near the food court. The boys would charge towards the pigeons only to have the pigeons take flight then circle around 15 feet or so behind them and land again to give the boys another chance. Before long other children from nearby tables joined in on their game.
After lunch we headed to the children's portion of the zoo where the boys got to pet/brush some goats. Connor really seemed to enjoy checking out the goats.

As it was getting both surprisingly hot for November, and late in the day we packed the boys back up into the wagon, made the circuit through the monkeys, including a stop by the gorillas who were making quite a racket and putting on a show swinging on ropes and trying out the hammock. As well as a stop by the sea lion tank, and the indoor aquariums.

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  1. Awww, the boys are adorable! Looks like you all had a fun day!

    I had those same backpack harness thingies for my kids too!! I remember once I was at park with all 4 kids when the little twins were little and just starting to run off. Some lady said it was cruel to have my children on "leashes". I said back, "I think it would be more cruel to give them the freedom to run into the street where they could get hit by a car". Geez, people and their unsolicited opinions!



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