Thursday, December 31, 2009

Galveston, again.

We had planned to take my family to Moody Gardens to see the Christmas lights just before Christmas. However, thanks to Aunt Mary's cooties (at least according to Kevin... :)) the boys were sick the better part of the week. So a few days after Christmas we tried again. As we neared Galveston it began to rain. As we got closer to the island it slowed to a steady drizzle. It was still drizzling when we arrived. We decided to visit the aquarium pyramid first in the hopes that by the time we were done the rain might have stopped all together. We apparently weren't the only ones with the same thought as we ran into Jason and his wife Cheryl's family, too.

The boys had a great time watching all the fish swim by.

They enjoyed running from one exhibit to the next.

Ryan in the Shark cage.

Somehow we managed to miss the penguins the first time through so we had to double back and find them. It was neat to see them swimming underwater, and waddling around up on the ice cap, too. We even watched as one particularly large penguin kept trying to get back up on the ice. He didn't quite get far enough and had to try several times before he made it cheered on by us, and other visitors, too.

Before we left the pyramid the boys spotted Frosty and stopped by to say hello.

Then bundled up tight and plied with snacks we set off the see the lights. Thankfully the rain had stopped, but the winds gusting off the open water were still pretty chilly.

We stopped here and there for pictures along the way.

It was certainly much less crowded than it was the time before.

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  1. Kevin, I beg your pardon. I made a special point to not hug or touch the boys. You hugged me as you were leaving. Your fault!!!



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