Sunday, December 6, 2009

Children of the Corn

While Grannie was here we took her to Dewberry farms to show her all our favorite things there. We discovered a few new things since our last visit. Like the corn house. Imagine a GIANT sandbox filled at least 2 feet deep, only instead of sand it's filled with kernels of corn. Add a bunch of Tonka trucks, and you can imagine what a little boys' dream it was. The boys had fun wading through the corn and filling up and dumping out the truck beds. For the next few hours we were easily tracked by the nuggets of corn that dropped here and there from another pocket, or a turned up cuff where the corn had found a hiding spot.

We also played on the playground. The slide was fun, but less of a hit than the wheeled vehicles this time. The boys both loved the little twister cars though they just pushed them with their feet. They managed to get going pretty fast on the concrete and did a pretty good job steering, too.

Before long the boys' attention turned to the ducks safely just out of reach on the other side of the fence.

After a stop to see the chicken show we took Grannie to see the animals.

First the goats who seemed as interested in us as we were in them.

Then off to the barn to see the chicks. Only they weren't tiny little hatchlings anymore. They were much bigger and more dangerous as Connor discovered when we got too close and one kicked sawdust in his eyes. Poor baby.

We also petted the donkey.

Having seen all the animals we decided it was time for a run through the maze and maybe a little nap.

Connor helping to pick up the fallen corn stalk so Grannie could get by.

Ryan pointing out the corn.

Kevin and Ryan surveying the maze from the bridge trying to figure out how to get us back out of the maze again.

After safely finding our way out and picking up some refreshments we headed over to catch the hayride to the pumpkin patch. Along the way we saw Ryan's favorite "yewwow bus!"

After a short wait in line we made it onto the hayride, past the Christmas Tree farm finally stopping at the pumpkin patch.

The boys had fun running through the patch and checking out the pumpkins. They did an amazingly good job staying out of the rotten pumpkins.

As we walked back from the patch we stopped by Fort Dewhickey to show Grannie the big tunnel and our favorite super slick slide from the top of the fort. After playing for a while and wearing everyone out we finally called it a day.

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