Thursday, August 6, 2009


Sometimes you guys make me so proud. Like today - when you picked up all the animals. Every single animal. There must have been at least 30. While all the other kids stood around and watched you guys picked them up. All by yourselves. Just because I asked you to. Other parents gawked. I beamed. :) It was ridiculously cute.

But don't think that makes up for this morning....

This morning Ryan hit Connor out of the blue. So I picked Ryan up and carried him with me to the bedroom and dropped him off in the crib while I finished getting ready. Only Ryan didn't mind at all, and Connor bawled like he was being tortured because I had disappeared behind the closed door carrying Ryan so he must be getting rewarded or something right? Wrong. After a minute or so I kicked them both out and finished getting ready. It couldn't have been more than a minute later when I headed back out the door on Kevin's heels. I could hear the boys. And I knew. I just knew. Kevin looked around for them for a minute, then realized that I was talking to the closed powder bath door and asked incredulously if I had locked them in the bathroom. To which I replied, no. They did that all themselves.

Have I mentioned that while lever door handles are truly beautiful, stylish, and functional that they are totally not practical with children. It's very hard to find door locks to fit lever handles that 1) allow you to open the door from the opposite side of the lock (and please manufacturers what kind of door do you think you only ever need to open from one side??? The front door? Ummm... No. The bedroom door... Again... No. Bathroom? Nope. So other than maybe a pantry or closet I just don't get those. And still - we are talking children right? You don't think a child might accidentally lock you in the closet?) but I digress.... Where was I? Oh yeah, 2) don't require permanent damage to the door and 3) stay put and 4) actually keep the children out...

So if I were guessing what happened I would guess that Ryan opened door (as he is known to be the culprit in most door opening instances and his most recent favorite thing to do when I bring him in first is to open the door immediately after I go back out and shut it, and stand in the door way with the door open just wide enough for him hanging halfway out and grinning waiting for Connor and I to come around the corner. ) and then both he and Connor toddled inside looking to make mischief, when one of Ryan's compulsions kicked in - the one where everything that opens must be closed (doors, cabinets, gates, etc.) - and he manged to lock them both in the powder bath. In the dark. To which they were most definitely not thrilled, and apparently lacked the common sense or ability to see well enough to enable them to get back out. So they cried. Piteously. Until I let them out. Not that I think this incident as traumatic as it sounds will in any way deter them from trying the like tomorrow, or the day after for that matter.

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