Monday, August 24, 2009

Everyday moments

We've been terrible at taking photos lately, but there are so many little things that happen that just crack me up. Like Saturday when we were playing outside. The boys were running around in the culdesac. Ryan, as usual, zeroed in on trouble immediately. This time in the form of some really nasty green sludge coming out of one of the neighbors pool drains. Yuck. So not only was the street edge just a little wet - primo attraction for a kid in dry, clean clothes, but then there was that nice, squishy green stuff that mommy and daddy kept saying not to play in. Yeah, right. Like there was any chance he was going to stay out of it.

He did a great feint heading in the opposite direction, then started slowly back down the edge of the street headed right for it. We saw him. We both called his name. Kevin slowly started heading to intercept him. Ryan, realizing the pursuit started picking up speed. Kevin, countered with some speed of his own. Ryan squealed and turned on the gas. Kevin started running, too. Kevin caught him just feet from the sludge. I laughed out loud. It was just so funny.

Connor provides just as much amusement. I am not sure exactly how it happened but the red toy tub was filled with balls from the ball pit at one point. It might have something to do with the fact that one of Ryan's new favorite past times is to dive head first into the ball pit them sit up and proceed to throw every last ball out of the pit. But I digress... the tub was filled, the boys were playing, and when I turned back around deep belly laughs were emanating from the tub. Connor's head was peaking out but otherwise was pretty much buried. As he wigged around trying to sit up balls went flying out of the tub in waves, followed by laughter and squeals from both of them. Eventually Connor sat up then stood up, and then reminiscent of Kevin in his first snow Connor fell straight back into the balls. The resulting crash sending balls out of the pit in every direction.

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