Saturday, August 8, 2009

On the run

I really want to know where they get all this energy! Oh, wait, it must be the unbelievable amounts of food that they consume. I swear every time we turn around it's time to feed them again.

We had swim lessons as usual this morning though I think we only have a few more left. Connor is being such a stinker. He doesn't try to kick, or move his arms, or even try to crawl out of the pool anymore. He is perfectly contently just to let you hold him and float him around the pool. No need for him to exert himself. Ryan on the other hand is doing a great job kicking. Though that probably shouldn't surprise anyone. That kid just doesn't ever stop moving. Those little legs go non stop all the time.

We took the boys to a Chinese restaurant for lunch though we didn't feed them anything more exotic than wonton noodles and sweet and sour sauce. The restaurant had a pretty big fish tank with bright colorful fish. Ryan really enjoyed watching the fish.

It was so unbelievably hot today, as usual. So after lunch we stopped by McDonalds to grab a coke and let the boys run around in the play area for a little while before their naps. I had been meaning to try a different McDonalds for awhile now, so we checked out one a little further from us. It had a neat play area where the boys could go up a couple stairs, crawl through a tunnel, go through some rope barriers and then slide down the slide. They made the circuit at least a dozen times each. They were also super cute at one point when one of the ended up on one side of some mesh netting and the other was on the other side. They put their hands up touching each other and were just talking away and giggling.

After a nap we joined some friends for dinner to celebrate their son's 18th birthday. The boys entertained everyone after dinner running up and down an aisle giggling all the way.

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