Monday, August 24, 2009

Around the Breakfast Table

Sunday morning I decided we all needed a little excitement. So I broke out the spoons. While Kevin was snoozing away, I filled bowls with yogurt, dropped a spoon in it, and set it in front of the boys. Ryan looked at me like it was a trick. Connor looked at Ryan to see what he was going to do with it. Within seconds they both had ahold of their spoons. What happened next is hard to say. But you can be assured that there was lots of laughing and quite a mess. I should however compliment Ryan on his spoon skills. After he quit trying to dump his yogurt off the spoon before he put it in his mouth he did really well. Connor on the other hand needs a bit more practice. I totally understand how the boys can come home looking they were in a serious food fight every day given that it sounds like school gives them utensils and turns them loose on a regular basis. I often wonder if they have heard of bibs, and if they have totally lost their minds. But now I understand how mashed potatoes can end up in ones hair, and how applesauce can end up all over a shirt even with a bib firmly in place. Oh boys, you never cease to amaze me.

Not too shabby! Great job Ryan!

A little to the right. Lower, lower... Ummm... Maybe you still need a little practice? :)

Mmm... Yummy!

You know not everything was meant to be eaten with a spoon. But I will hold onto it just in case...
I can do it, too!

And LOOK!! I can eat with BOTH hands!

You never know when you might need a spoon, too.

And our favorite breakfast food - bananas!

Aren't those the cutest little chipmunk cheeks? I am pretty sure he has 1/4 of a banana in there...

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