Saturday, September 5, 2009

Only ducks eat popcorn.

We fed the ducks today. In the rain. They were really hungry. We fed them popcorn. The boys even helped. Ryan loved to snatch fistfuls of popcorn and toss it to the ducks. Connor got in on the tossing action, too, though not with the same enthusiasm as Ryan.

But ducks apparently don't eat nilla wafers. Little boys do.

Some people feed ducks stale bread, or other things gone bad. Not us. We only feed the ducks fresh food. We even popped a bag of popcorn just for the ducks this afternoon. I would say it was because we don't want to feed the ducks penicillin. But the truth of the matter is that the boys tend to eat what we hand them for them to feed the ducks. No matter that they just ate themselves. It must be like dessert right?

So this afternoon we popped fresh popcorn for the ducks. When we got out of the car and headed toward the pond we didn't see a single duck in sight. As we turned the bend on the walking path we saw 3 or 4. As we headed down towards the ducks and the waters edge and pulled out the bag of popcorn ducks came out of the wood works. I started tossing the popcorn here and there. After a couple of tosses I offered a piece to Ryan fully expecting him to eat it, but much to my surprise he tossed it to the ducks. Connor did the same. So the boys and I emptied the whole bag in no time. The boys were thrilled watching all the ducks and being encouraged to toss food like it was a food fight.

I had naively planned to have a little snack at the picnic table after feeding the ducks, only the ducks were still hungry and eyeing my bag greedily. I pulled the only other thing out that I thought the ducks might eat - the last of our nilla wafers. I broke them in smaller pieces and tossed a few to the baby ducks. I even played catch with a couple of the bigger ducks. They catch snacks on the fly far better than my dog! Then I handed the boys pieces to toss. It had no sooner landed in their hands than it went straight into their mouths. They never even thought to try to the popcorn, but they scarfed the nilla wafers down.

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  1. who was it that laughed at her grannie for going to Boerne, starting the power plant to run the microwave to pop popcorn just for the ducks...



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