Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ryan Takes the Field

Or gets ready to, anyways..

Notice how hard it is to get that glove on?  Might be because he was putting a right handed glove, well, on his right hand (or wrong hand as the case may be... :))

Just sayin...

But that's okay.  Cause Daddy's there to supervise and staighten it out... Or not...

That's what the assistant coach is for?

No, wait.  He has more important things to do.  Like explain where we go with the ball if we get it - to first base.

Or back to the pitcher.

But Ryan's got it.  He's ready to go.  Batter up!

Waiting for a hit...

Sheesh... They bat like boys.  Aren't there any girls on their team?  Cause my mommy can hit!  :)

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