Saturday, March 16, 2013

Connor At the Bat

Connor!  You're up!

Ready, coach!

Like this?

And yes, he's a lefty.  But is batting right handed. 

Turns out he just bats right handed.

I wasn't so sure at first, but without a doubt at home in the backyard every swing he took was sure enough right handed.

And technically he got a hit.  It went all of two feet.  Best unintentional bunt ever.  :)  But they didn't count it. 

But that's all right.  Because he was sure having fun batting.  :)

Though I think he has that same can't see the ball because he's too busy closing his eye problem that Ryan had, too... :)

And unfortunaly, he just didn't get it this time.

Watching him carry his little bat back to the dug out after striking out at his first at bat was heart wrenching.  Not that he knew - he was happily oblivioius.  And still had plenty of pep in his step.  :)

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