Thursday, March 28, 2013

Preview of the years to come

I had a preview of what the next probably 10 years of my life are going to look like last Friday night as we drove to the new Baseball park, sat in the stands, and watched an inning or two of an 8U baseball game under the lights.  It may not necessarily be baseball, but I am sure I will spend plenty of time in the years to come sitting in the stands watching the kids play one sport or another.  As I sat there not only did I get a glimpse of all those nights to come, but flashbacks to my own playing days. 

I was astounded at the skills the 8 year olds had.  And fascinated by the people watching.  And after about 10 minutes reminded WHY I bought a bleacher seat last year... Those bleachers are just as hard, cold, and hard on both my back and rear end as I remembered.  :)

Then Saturday we were up bright and early and off to a game of our own.  Followed of course by a soccer game and then this and that and before I knew the whole day had come and gone.  Only to be repeated come Sunday as we had yet another baseball game.

Ryan tried his hand at pitcher in Sunday's game.  Since our league is actually coach pitch what that amounts to is being the closest player to plate to go after the dribblers and to make a play at home plate once in a while.

During his inning at pitcher Ryan surprised us all as he grabbed a ball and made a sliding play into home in an attempt to beat the runner to the plate. 

He was a split second too late, and a foot or two, too short.  Though we all cheered wildly and applauded his efforts heartily none the less.  I can't help but wonder where the thought or dare I say instinct to slide came from?  It's certainly not anything we have ever practiced or even talked about.  Though with our light colored pants and red dirt I can only hope it was a fluke and won't be too oft repeated. :)

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