Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our first baseball game

We signed the boys up to play baseball for the first time ever this Spring.  And though our team got off to a rough start (no coach, then a coach, a number of practices cancelled, an unofficial practice, an unintentional coup, a coach quitting, kids dropping off the team, and then a new coach) I think it's going to work out really, really well. 

We have an awesome team with GREAT coaches.  Seriously - the patience of Saints.  And the ability to connect with the kids.  And a willingness to work with them.  And a positive attitude.  I cannot tell you how excited we are about this season. 

We really have a lot to learn.  Which of course is never more evident than at your first game.  Little things like what to do after you hit the ball.  Like put the bat down.  And run.  And run FAST!  And run to 1st base.  Then 2nd.  Then 3rd.  But only when they tell you to.  And stay on the base.  And watch the ball when people are batting.  It turns out it's not daisies they want to pick - they just want to play in the dirt.  The very RED dirt.  The dirt that is going to stain our light grey pants like crazy I am sure.  And did I mention what hand your glove goes on?  :)

I cannot tell you how adorable they boys look in their baseball uniforms.  Thankfully I don't have to tell you.  I can show you.  I only took a 100 or so pictures of the boys that were just so stinkin cute.

See what I mean?    And these?

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