Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Visit from Santa

Santa, his elves, and reindeer must have worked overtime at Christmas this year. Someone in this house must have been very, very good. :)

The boys of course found their presents from Santa and dove right in.

Ryan found his "Mack" truck and Connor found Buzz and friends.

Santa left something for everyone. He filled my stocking with all kinds of goodies including a flamingo pen and screwdriver set.

Kevin got his customary lump of coal.

Grannie and Great Grannie had stockings, too.

So did Grandma, and Grandpa. There were so many presents that we only managed to make it through Santa's presents before we had to break for breakfast.

But never fear we were determined to make it through them all. Though for Ryan we could have stopped with Santa. He couldn't have been happier with his Sheriff and Mack.

Connor was particularly delighted by a bucket of fish and of course some new books, too.

We noticed when we stopped for breakfast that Santa's Reindeer had made a crash landing our patio table sometime during the night.

After a little clean-up Kassidy got to enjoy her gifts from Santa, too.

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