Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Decking the Tree

The boys were super excited to learn that we had finally gotten a tree up home and were thrilled to get to help put their ornaments on the tree.

Ryan remembered his Lightning McQueen ornament that we picked out for him at Disney World. It was the first one he put on the tree.

He also really liked the new ornament he picked out with Kevin at the Hallmark store - a yellow bus. :)

Connor remembered his Nemo ornament from Disney World, too.

He wanted all of his ornaments right together.

Until he decided that this one should go at the very top of the tree, as high as he could reach.

For days afterwards the boys would run up to the tree and point out their ornaments and tell us that they had put them on the tree themselves.

I think they did a wonderful job, don't you?

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