Thursday, December 16, 2010

Operation: Kids Christmas Treats

I really thought I would have Disney up before now, but I got a little distracted...

The kids' Christmas party at school was at the end of the week and I hadn't figured out how I was going to package everything up.

I knew I wanted to do "snack" size popcorn bags, but I wanted something vertical, not horizontal. Luckily I found these great tall treat bags at the dollar store. I finished them off with a little topper. I loved how they turned out.

I also had some trouble finding bags to get all the rest of the stuff in. As it tuned out standard gallon size ziplocs were a hair too short. Thankfully a trip to Walmart yielded some tie top bags that worked out perfectly. I threw in a Christmas card, coloring book, plush elf, popcorn treat, candy cane, and box of colors. Then I added the piece de resistance - an initial ornament. Topped with a matching topper and voila! Operation Kids Christmas Treats. Done. And hopefully a resounding success.

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