Saturday, December 18, 2010

Doing a Little Christmas Decorating

The kids goodie bags were not the only thing I procrastinated on... It was nearing mid December and I still didn't have a spec of Christmas up yet. Except Santa, but since he's been out since last year I somehow don't think he counts.

So we took advantage of the nice weather this weekend and pulled out some of our outdoor decorations.

I was heartbroken to discover that my nutcrackers had succumbed to some mold. Apparently Kevin hosed them off trying to get the dirt off the stakes and packed them away inside garbage bags wet. And the rest, the rest is history...

I scrubbed them with some dish soap and a scrub brush, but it looks like if they have any hope of salvation they will have to be repainted. All my scrubbing managed to do was pop off some more buttons, a mustache or two, and even an eyebrow. Oops.

We also pulled out our new banner this year. And lessons learned from last year even rememebred to steak it so that hopefully it will still look the nice when it comes time to take it down.

I just love the glow of Christmas lights. Don't you?
P.S. If you can't make lights straight I have discovered you should make them really really crooked so you can say you meant for them to be that way! :)

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