Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rock the Farm Carnival

As part of our marathon Saturday (Baseball at 9, Soccer at 11, Lunch, Shopping, Birthday Party at 2, School Carnival from 4-8, Dinner with friends, bath and pass out at 10) we hit the School Carnival this weekend.

Despite the fact that we had just come from a bounce party, the first thing the kids wanted to do were the giant inflatables.

And while they didn't look too big from the ground...

Connor says that first plunge sure looks like a doozy... 

"And did you know this thing sways like a wooden roller coaster?  And on that other side way over there it's 18 inches of plastic keeping you from falling right off!"

Of course, by the time he start zipping down and gaining speed he was all smiles.

Ryan on the other hand... 

wasn't phased at all.


Can we do it again, can we do it again, can we, can we?? 

So after 4 or 5 trips they deigned to move on and try out some of the other inflatables.

While Connor tried the relatively tame obstacle course, Ryan b-line for the rock wall.

No sooner did they strap him in and he was off to the races.

He climbs like a spider monkey.

It took him no time at all to fly up the wall.

Never once giving any thought to how high up he was getting.

And when he got to the top?  He turned around smiled, and then LAUNCHED himself off the wall.

Let me say that, again.  L.A.U.N.C.H.E.D himself OFF THE 30 FOOT TALL WALL.

Without a seconds hesitation.  And I can't help but wonder how did he know he wasn't going to plummet to the ground below?

After a round of lazer tag in the hidden maze we moved on to the Jacob's ladder.

Ladder 1 - Connor 0.

Ladder 2 - Connor Zilch.

Not that he was giving up... 

No matter how dire it looked.

And eventually he made it.  Ahhh.. The Joy of Victory!

So Ryan set out to prove he could do it, too. 

Ladder 1 - Ryan 0.

Not that he was giving up, either.

And no matter how many times Connor did it, he had the same look every single time.

Having mastered the "easy" one he then had to move over to the harder one.

It didn't take him long to get it's number, too.

As we were standing in line for lazer tag the boys spied fly away bubbles from the foam pit.  And instantly the begging started.... I had originally planned to let them do it last.  Though after 1 peek, I just couldn't say no...

So in the they went... 

To be swallowed whole by suds.  :)

Bubbles poured out anew every few minutes.  And left the 15 or so foot tub filled 3-4 feet high.

It took no time at all for the kids to get totally covered without ever leaving their feet.

When the suds started pouring out I could barely even make them out under the barrage.

But then they'd pop back out.  Wipe their eyes clean, and then dive back in.

Needless to say they were covered and soaked head to toe!

 As the kids dried off we stood in line for the bunjee jump!

Ryan was jumping in no time at all.

And even managed a backflip!

He kept taunting the operator to go "Higher!!  Higher!!"  So he obliged and shot him super high up into the air.

And Ryan loved every.single.second of it!  :)

Connor couldn't wait for his turn either.


Wait.. I am not going to go that high am I??

This isn't so bad... 

It's kinda nice just hanging out here.. but I can't reach the ground to jump!

What's that you say??  You want to go higher??   The look on Connor's face the first time he was shot up into the air was absolutely priceless.  He blurted a rapid "oh my goodness" all in one breath and a do it again the next.  :)

So higher he went until he was dangling as high as it would go.

No sooner did he hit the ground before he was ready to get right back in line to do it all over again.

Unfortunately the line was super long, and we still hadn't hit the carnival games yet, so we set off to win some tokens.

Needless to say.. the boys had a great time at the carnival.  :)

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