Sunday, April 6, 2014

Baseball Bling

You might remember last year that I made some goodies for our baseball team.

With a change in team names and colors this year (thank goodness - finally a color other than orange!) our helmet stickers needed a refresh at the very least (as they are often visible in pictures.)  And while I was at it... might as well.... 

And before I knew it I had a whole set of bag tags and helmet stickers for the team.  Truthfully once you have gone to all the trouble to design and make one for your child it is trivial matter to make them for everyone else.

Especially when you more or less take last year's template, change the colors, and the logos and done.

After all, it's still a whole piece of cardstock, and a whole label sheet whether you print 1, or 12.

All this to say, our team is now appropriately decked out in green and boy do they look stylish.  :)

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