Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ryan & Connor's 6th Birthday

Speaking of birthdays...

The boys celebrated their 6th birthday a few weeks ago.

And yes, that's Mutt & Jeff.  Dressed alike for the first time since school started I think.  And yes, there really is a 3 inch height difference between the two of them.  Right along with that 3 size gap in shoe size, too.

For their birthday I finally really did, figuratively at least, write that check to the bounce place and let them take care of most of the work.  :)

I also went with {gasp} store bought cupcakes.  :)

Ryan blew his candles out in one fell swoop.

Connor on the other hand...

huffed... and puffed...

And blew them out... one... at... a.... time....

And while we settled for the "ease" of a birthday place you knew there had to be a twist, right?

I told the boys that after cake they could spend the last 15 minutes (which turned out to be more like 30 because they were ecstatically thrilled with the idea and I just couldn't wait anymore...) socking each other silly with inflatable hammers and swords.

Of course as soon as everyone saw the weapons cake was quickly forgotten and everyone grabbed their weapon of choice and the melee began on the giant bouncing pillow.

Trust me when I say that words simply can't adequately describe the awesomeness of an inflatable fight.

It was worth every second of the two hours Kevin spent airing up 60 or so hammers and swords.  I am pretty sure even he'd agree with that statement.  :)

And don't think the fun was limited to the kids.  Plenty of the parents got in on the action, too.

Including a crazy red faced woman who dove in hammers a swinging... Who invited her??

With just as much vigor and enthusiasm as the kids.

And of course we couldn't have a birthday party without favors...

It was all, a big, big hit.  :)

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