Saturday, March 22, 2014

Our First Field Day

The boys had their first field day yesterday.

In a word it was: Grueling. Long.  Exhausting. AWESOME.  Okay, so I guess that's technically 4 words.

I was burnt to a crisp by the end.  From the sun (don't worry... I made sure the kids got sunscreen!), and holding and lugging my heavy camera all day, and just the non-stop action.  I was just plain worn out.  And all I did was follow them around all day. And I do mean ALL DAY.  From about 8:45am to sometime after 2pm.  We had a short lunch break and a couple of little rest stop stations in between, but don't let that fool you.  The kids worked hard ALL DAY LONG.  It's amazing they could even stand when it was all said and done.  

And at the end all I could say was still "It was AWESOME!"

I have about a million pictures.  Literally.  I fell like I have been working on nothing but pictures for the last 24 hours.  Other than the 4 hour dinner break we took with friends after last night's baseball game.  I even skipped soccer this morning as I was so wiped out and needed to finish picture processing for the yearbook deadline.

So I will be back with pictures later when my poor fingers and eyes recover.  For now, you will just have settle for these teasers.

Oh, yeah.... Tie-dye.  And yes, yes, we do match.  :) All in people.  Go big or go home.  :)

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