Monday, January 28, 2013

Mardi Gras King for a Day

He'd fit right in.

For the record - I had NOTHING to do with this.

They had King cake at school today.  From Randazzo's.  In New Orleans   My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  There's a reason the line is out the door and down the block and it's a 3 hour wait.  I had my own little slice of heaven earlier this week.  Hand delivered from NOLA.  I made the mistake the first time of just slicing off a tiny little piece thinking it would be like all those other imitations.  Dry and nothing to write home about.  Needless to stay the first bite had barely melted in mouth when I promptly turned around and shamelessly went back for seconds.  :) 

Connor found the baby in his little slice of cake.  And they crowned him King for the day. He couldn't have been more proud of his precious find. And now of course I have the perfect excuse to get a cake for school, and one for home of course next year.  :)

After dinner tonight I made a quick run to the store and when I got home Kevin had the kids dressed in their skeleton jammies.  And Connor had dredged up one of their fuzzy Thing1/Thing 2 hats from who knows where.  He was still toting around his baby and I could just picture him fitting right in with the Bourbon street crowd.  :)

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