Thursday, January 3, 2013

I am living in the dark ages

I am so far behind the times.  I have a smart phone.  But I am not an app person.  I never get new apps.  Until someone else has it.  And demonstrates its awesomeness to me.  Like the flashlight.  And weather app.  And QR scanner.  And at least the first 2 out of 3 I wonder how I lived without.

Seriously.  I only recently discovered the Google Voice App on my phone (the one that's installed by default and is one screen off the home page!?!).  Revolutionized my world.  I would tell you if you don't have it to run, don't walk and get it.  But I am know I am the last one.  Tivo anyone?

I found another one tonight.  After trying to remember what in the world I had on my grocery list sitting on the bar at home, and yelling at Kevin over the phone to write down what I did remember - Fiesta Spud ring any bells?  It occurred to me there had to be an app for that. 

And I found one that is pretty awesome thus far. Out of Milk. Though I haven't actually tried sharing or syncing the basic adding item to list via voice or barcode were pretty awesome.  I will let you know on the sharing/syncing after he gets an account.  :)

Next on my list of apps?  An app to record gift ideas, and purchases.  So I remember who the actor was that Grannie was looking for in movies, and I remember that I bought my mom that thing that I still haven't found, but now remember I bought for her birthday.

So since you guys have already tried them all - let me know which one I need, k?  :)

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