Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Android Guru Needed

Riddle me this Android Gurus - how do I turn an Android tablet into a dream alarm clock & wake-up info center??

Here's what I want it to do:

Sleep/Screen Saver mode -
  • Display a clock.  Bonus points for configurablity - digital/analog/colors, styles, sizes, etc.
  • Change display brightness based on configurable settings (dim at night, brighter during the day)
  • Display whether or not an alarm is set (small bell at the bottom of the screen for example).  Bonus points to allow you to configure the alarm notification to show/hide the alarm time and icon for type of alarm (bell, music, etc.) 
  • Stay on when docked/plugged into AC power.
Alarm Clock features:
  • Ability to set multiple alarms (3 is sufficient).
  • Ability to configure days (not just weekday/weekend) for each alarm.
  • Ability to configure type of alarm for each setting (bell, music, etc)
  • Must have Snooze.  Bonus for configurable snooze.
  • Quick nap function - (lightning bolt - each press adds 15/30 minutes - up to 3 hrs.)
Home screen: default home page/background -
       Configurable selection of widgets (4-6 ideal)
  • Alarm Widget - shows current alarm setting details and has quick launch button to configure settings.
  • Weather widget - display current temp, expected low/high and icons for sun/rain/clouds, etc.  Quick launch full app/browser to look at things like hour by hour & 3/5/10 day forecasts
  • Calendar widget - display today's calendar appointments (Outlook sync)
  • Media widget - AM/FM Radio, Pandora, MP 3 etc. controls
  • Browser widget - networked webcam would be awesome to check on the kids, or news headline reel would be nice as well.
  • Task Widget - show todays' to-do list.  Not that I would use it, but might be nice... (Outlook Sync)
  • Quick launch bar for favorite programs (like a browser, picture slide show, etc.)
 I am not asking for much - and I would totally be willing to pay for it!

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