Saturday, September 8, 2012

Family Photo

Connor's teacher has been reminding me regularly that we need to bring in a family photo for school.  And despite the fact that we have thousands of pictures from 1-3 people there are very, very few (if any!) of the 4 of us.  Not terribly surprising as one of us has to actually take the picture and all, but still...   

When we were at SeaWorld this past weekend and walking back from being DRENCHED on the Rio Loco ride (of which Connor was FINALLY tall enough to ride - he was SOOOO excited!) I was walking by a family - similar to us - with the Mom trying to get dad and the kids together and to smile for a picture.  I stopped and volunteered to take a picture of all 4 of them.  In a completely deja-vu moment she said "Oh, no, that's okay." 

I can't think of the number of times we have been in the same position - me taking pictures of Kevin and the kids and someone has volunteered to take a picture of all 4 of us, and I passed, too.

We chatted for a few seconds and I convinced her to get in the photo and took a couple of pictures of them.  Naturally, when we were done she offered to take a picture for us as well.  And despite the fact the refusal was on the tip of my tongue for a split second (I was SOPPING wet from head to toe, it was HOT and we were surely sweaty and red faced, and I must look quite a fright, the kids never cooperate and smile, and ... and... and) I agreed. 

And surprisingly enough, it didn't come out too bad.  :)  Except that whole I was quite a fright part... :)  You can't even tell we were soaked completely through (my shirt was still dripping streams of water and my shorts were plastered to my legs - there was literally not a dry spot on my entire body!)

And yes, that is Ryan at 4 1/2 refusing to get out of the stroller for fear of losing his seat because it was a LONG, LONG, walk over there!  :)  And yes, Kevin - really the kids WERE going to sit in the stroller (and fight over WHO got to sit in the stroller!)  And yes, dear, despite the fact that kids haven't used a stroller in 2 years they DID need it and WANT to sit in it.  And my back, and my voice thanked me profusely for bringing it.  :)

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