Thursday, May 5, 2011

Roadtrip: Meridian State Park

On our way back from Dublin we stopped by Meridian State Park to take a look around and let the boys stretch their legs. 

There wasn't a playground so we took a driving tour of the park looking for a good place to get out and explore.

By one of the campgrounds we spied a dried up river bed and decided to take a look.

The boys had a great time running around in the thankfully dry bed.  Though at one point the little evil canivals took the high road up on the bank while I walked along side in the riverbed.  Before too long their narrow track was almost my head height meaning any spills would result in quite a drop.  But they continued to run along blissfully unaware while I silently panicked a little and not so silently urged them to stop running - "WALKING FEET!!"

After 1/2 a mile or so we could see some stagnant puddles ahead so we turned around and made our way back to the car before there were any wet and frozen (thanks to the crazy cold front) children.

We resumed our tour of the park after a quick stop at the pavilion where the boys ran around chasing the blue jays who had made nests in the rafters.

I particularly enjoyed the stonework throughout the park.  It would be a beautiful place to take pictures with cooperative subjects under better conditions.

Unfortunately after more than an hour's detour it was time to get back on the road, find something to eat for dinner, and finish our journey home.

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