Sunday, May 1, 2011

Roadtrip: Veldhuizen Cheese

Speaking of adventures....

Sometime back in April I stumbled across information about a cheese shop in Texas and had a harebrained idea to visit, take a tour, and sample lots and lots of cheeses.  Yummy!  In need of a co-conspirator I called my mom and talked her into meeting me there.  So in late April we headed to Dublin, Texas to visit the cheese shop, and see all that the town of Dublin had to offer.

Clearly the two of us shouldn't be allowed to go off on our own so we brought along some chaperones (Ryan & Connor) to keep us out of too much trouble.

The cheese shop has guided tours every Saturday morning so we drove in Friday evening, found our hotel, and had an amazing dinner at the Buckboard restaurant.  Just three words - sweet potatoe fries.  Absolutely to die for.  And this coming from someone who doesn't like sweet potatoes.  I ordered them for the boys.  And after tasting them had to order more.  Of which I had no intention of sharing...

So after a surprisingly uneventful, if late night at our hotel, we all got up early Saturday morning and made the trek to check out the Buckboards breakfast offerings before heading off to the Veldhuizen cheese farm.

We arrived a little early and spent some time wandering around on our own before the tour began.

We made a quick stop by the cheese shop before heading off to see the cows.

The boys were particularly excited about some calves we had spied on our way in. 

Without a doubt it was the highlight of their visit.

Before long a tour group formed up and after a quick peek through the viewing window (where people were re-grouting the floor instead of making cheese) we headed off to see the aging cave.

There were rows after rows of cheese rounds.

Each row, and shelf containing different varieties in various stages of aging.

Our tour guide briefly told us how the cheese was cared for, how long it was aged, etc.

We snapped a few pictures and then headed off to see another aging area intended for cheeses like blue cheese.

Connor who had wrinkled his nose up at the first aging area, positively protested the smell here.

After our tour we sampled a variety of cheeses making notes on their various flavors and picking a few to take home with us.

Before heading out, we sat down at a table in the cheese shop and enjoyed a nice snack of our cheeses before heading out.  Ryan and Connor particularly enjoyed the string cheese.

And when I wasn't looking the little rats helped themselves to some of my Redneck Cheddar as well.

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