Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hard at Play

The boys were hard at play all day today. Starting with a trip to a new McDonalds for their second breakfast of the day. :)

They are so funny how they pose for the camera from time to time or try to weasel their way into a shot.

But once they are playing it's all business. Because playing is hard work. Especially when you are wrangling alligators.

Some times the boys play well together, and some times.... well... not so much. This was clearly an example of the not so much. Connor didn't want to share. With anyone, not just Ryan. He practiced his hip check and boxing out moves trying to keep Ryan away from the toy. Even with one on each side he wasn't willing to share - the second Ryan touched one of the balls Connor would reach through the slats trying to get him.

With the end of civil play before an all out war broke out we headed to the toy store that had brought us to this side of town and made a few other stops in the area. After lunch at BW3's with nothing else on our to do list we decided to make an impromptu visit to a park off the lake. We took the scenic route giving the boys plenty of time to take a nap on the way so they would be refreshed and ready to go when we arrived.

When we got the park we saw some people taking horseback lessons. We stopped at a near by picnic table to watch and to have a snack. Ryan did a great job drinking out of a water bottle all by himself without spilling any. Great job, Ryan! Such a big boy!

Having had both a nap and snacks the boys were ready to tackle the playground.
Ryan once again showed off his big boy skills by walking up the stairs holding on to the handrail, then trotting right on across the bridge using the handrails when he needed them.

He zoomed across the connected platforms until he reached his target - the slide at the far end. Connor followed at a slower pace checking things out along the way.
Before long they spied the swings and of course had to spend some time swinging.

We eventually managed to convince them check out a few of the other amenities like these cars. Ryan was a racing fool. Making vrooming noises and rocking the car back and forth. All while holding onto his sweet gum ball. :)

The boys followed the sounds of squeals and laughter back to the big play structure. They watched as the other kids navigated the bar stairs. So of course, before long, they had to try them out themselves, too.

Having had all the adventure I could handle for the day we drove around the rest of the park looking to see what else was there. There was an even larger playground that we will have to visit next time. There was also a side that fronted the water including a pier, boat ramp, and boat slips. When the weather warms up we will definitely have to come back.

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