Sunday, October 25, 2009

Play day

Kevin and I took a few hours off work and made it by Jumpin Jaks with the boys for open play time. They dove into the ball pit.

Then braver than before they disappeared up the narrow stairs into the maze of passageways.

Eventually they made their way back down and we wandered over to the Wild west side. After some older kids made their way out of the ball pit with big balls the boys wanted to check it out. They had so much fun in the balls. They tried to jump then laughed hysterically when they fell into the pile of balls and bounced around before being buried.

After all the excitement they needed a little break so we enjoyed some capri sun's and some cheese and crackers. It's only the second time they have had the capri sun's but they remembered them from last time and their little eyes lit up at the sight of them.

Afterwards I chased Ryan around on hands and knees through the Wild West town. We both had a blast.

We made our way to the top corridors and down one of the slides to show Kevin just how fast they were before we had to call it a day. I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We will definitely have to come back again another day.

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