Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday Party at the Park

As if the pumpkin patch in the morning wasn't enough fun after naptime the boys went to their cousin Kendall's 4th birthday party at the park. Naptime ran a little long, so we were a little late, but we did get there in time to see her open a few presents.

Though I am not sure exactly how much present opening the boys saw as there was a whole enticing playground just a few feet away...

Ryan showed off his big boy stair climbing - holding onto the rails.

And having fun on the slide.

"Where's Ryan?? There he is!" He also had lots of fun playing peek-a-boo around the trashcan.

And of course checking out every single thing to play with like the spinning knob.

Before finally making his way to his favorite - the swings. Holding on tight, and swinging like a big-boy in a REAL swing. :)

Connor had a great time, too.

Sliding down the slide.

"Who me??" Trying to act coy after being caught red handed trying to climb the rock wall.

Just like this...

Connor had no intention of missing out on the opportunity to try out the big boy swings either.

It was a really beautiful park. We had driven though once before, long before the boys were born, and I remembered it being pretty and wooded, but I didn't remember it having quite so much play equipment. We will definitely have to come back again someday if we are ever on that side of town. The weather couldn't have been nicer either.

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