Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A day full of silver linings

You know those days when you just shouldn't have gotten out of bed?  It was one of those days for me...

Woke up. Ryan had goup in his eyes. Another infection – wonderful.

Kid can’t go to school.  I can't go to work.
Went to the doctor. Waited forever. Confirmed Ryan has uber contagious cooties going around. Needs toxic eye drops. Can’t go to school for TWO days.
Dr.’s office says payment is overdue on 4 year well checks. Insurance didn’t pay. 361 days since last appt. Must be 365. Have to write appeal. Insurance sucks.
Dr.s’ office wants payment now or is threatening to send to collections. Did I mention that iinsurance sucks?
Went to lunch – discovered phone was toast.
Got kids meal free despite not being able to show coupon on phone. Bonus.
Discovered Ryan has diarrhea.
Finally left the restaurant after visiting the bathroom no fewer than 5 times.
Remote started my car to get the AC going. Surprised thieves trying to break-in.
Unlocked car doors to let Ryan in – freaked thieves out and scared them away.
Got a good look at the passenger (the one doing the actual breaking-in). Got the license number. Called the police.
Waited forever. With Ryan. Joy.
Police ran plates – didn’t match car description – stolen plates.
Thankful we weren’t two minutes slower. Had radar detector, GPS, [broken] phone, my computer, my passport and other important documents in the car.
Stopped by Verizon hoping they could fix my phone - especially since it was the number I gave the police. Confirmed phone is toast. Phone was surprisingly under warranty.  And only took 10 minutes.
I already knew that because I remembered when I got the phone – the day after my car got broken into in my driveway and my phone was stolen. Ironic.
Ordered new phone. It will be here sometime next year.  Had to pay shipping.  And it has to be signed for. Yea.
Picked up RX.   Drove home. 
Got key stuck in door. Door doesn’t unlock. Key doesn’t come out.
Finally got in the house. Gave Ryan eye drops. Kid freaked out. Will require straight jacket for future application.
Put Ryan down for a nap. He refused to go to sleep.
Had to use pliers to wrench the key out of the door.  Lock’s broken (thankfully locked.)
Finally logged into work email. Million and one messages. Missed a meeting I scheduled.  Fabulous.

It was just that kind of day... And despite everything that happened, it could have been so much worse.

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