Thursday, June 21, 2012

Celebrating summer

We kicked off the first official day of summer with quite a treat.  PB&J sandwiches.  :)  But not just any PB&J.  The peanut butter was about as fresh as it gets - straight off line at the Cannery 5 days ago.  Though work one of my coworkers had the opportunity to volunteer at the Cannery - a local church run, volunteer operation that supplies peanut butter to the food bank.  After their 4 hour shift where a group of about 16 people made somewhere around 5000 jars of peanut butter they got to take a jar home.  I was super bummed when I couldn't make it myself.  It's definitely something I will try to make time for next time.  In the meantime, however, my coworker who isn't a giant fan of peanut butter brought me her jar for the boys and I to enjoy.  :)

I was really looking forward to trying it, and when another coworker Bruce sent me home 2 jars of freshly made homemade strawberry and peach jam I knew we would be giving all 3 a thorough taste testing that night!  :)  And taste test we did.  It was all absolutely delicious.  The peanut butter was super creamy, and the jam was amazingly good.  So good in fact that we had polished off three whole plates full of the mini sandwiches before it even dawned on me to fend off the horde and at least get one picture of them before they were gone - plates licked clean.  :)

The PB&J wasn't the only thing that flew off the plates.  The boys polished off almost an entire half of what must be a > 10 lb watermelon all by themselves.  I had originally picked up the behemoth for us to take for Father's Day, but in the chaos of getting out the door Kevin forgot to take it.

Before last night I would have said there was no way the kids could eat it all themselves, so I had already decided to make some watermelon popsicles and once i make it to the store for a lime some Watermelon Lime Sorbet.  My mouth is already watering just thinking about. 

We tried the popsicles we made last night and they were delicious.  Sweet and refreshing.  Connor gave them 2 enthusiastic thumbs up.  :)  We will have to remember to make our own popsicles more often.  I even saw a great recipe at lunch today for making your own banana pops with super ripe bananas.  Not that Ryan ever let's bananas go bad around here, but I am sure he would save me a couple if he knew we could make popsicles with them next time.  :)

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