Saturday, March 31, 2012

A visit to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine

For the boys' birthday this year we decided to take them to enjoy a few days at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas.  It's essentially an indoor water park located inside a hotel.  Perfect for the kid who wants to go to Schlitterbahn all year round.  :)

Not that you will see any pictures of the waterpark here... We were apparently having too much fun getting soaked to bother with taking any pictures actually inside the water park.  And by we I mean Kevin.  Because in mid February I still hadn't found my camera.  I misplaced it in mid December and didn't find it until mid March.  The day after I ordered a ludicrously priced replacement because they discontinued my camera, which I LOVED, and the replacement camera didn't have nearly so rosey of reviews. 

But in case you are wondering this is what the lobby looked like.  :)

It's actually a beautiful hotel with rustic theming throughout.

And kid friendly activities like storytime at the big clock.  Come in your PJs.  :)

We managed to get a nice spot for storytime the second night we were there.  If you are going, definitely get there early!

The kids (and their mom especially... :)) enjoyed MagiQuest as well.  It's a game where you get a magic wand and then run up and down all eight flights of stairs via the "hidden staircase" and explore the various public areas of the hotel looking for the items on the list to complete each quest and earn a rune.  The kids were excited to find the various items on each quest.

Like the crystals we found on our first Quest that lit up different colors when you pointed a wand at them.

They also really enjoyed pointing their wands at all kinds of things throughout the hotel and having chests open, pictures light up, and absolutely everything talk to you.

I have to admit the interactive stuff was awesome.  And addictive!  There were people of all ages playing for hours on end.

The waterpark of course was lots of fun, too.  The kids had a good time running around both the kid pool and the fort shooting water cannons and soaking anyone and everyone in sight.  They also checked out every single water slide that they were tall enough for.  From the 4 small slides in the kiddie pool, to the two bigger slides in the fort, as well as 2 of the BIG water slides that they were tall enough for (or almost tall enough for in Connor's case.)  When you come in the park area they measure your height and you get a different band depending on your height.  Red for < 42".  Yellow for 42 - 48 inches.  And Green for > 48".  The 5 biggest slides required either Yellow or Green bands to be able to ride.  Ryan managed to get a yellow band by a hair while Connor was well below the cut-off and ended up with Red.   The irony of course being that Ryan is the chicken who while he enjoys sides, it isn't his favorite thing.  Connor on the other hand would have ridden every single one.  As many times as possible.  :)  Maybe next time...

Connor's favorite by far was the lazy river.  He enjoyed swimming around in the river, dodging water at 2 or 3 places along the way.  His particular favorite was when I sweep him up and make a mad dash through the obstacle course section of the river dodging or attempting to dodge the 3 or 4 water canons as well as the dumping buckets manned by maniacal kids intent on drowning adults in particular.

Ryan enjoyed both the kiddie pool (wave runner sprayers in particular) and the wave pool with or without the waves. 

Kevin of course enjoyed the big slides.  Particularly the Green one where you plopped out of a chute into what I called the big drain to circle around and around before getting sucked in shot down the rest of the tube. 

Needless to say we will have to go back again when the kids are a little older, and taller.  And next time?  Next time I am taking my own water soaker to give the kids manning the guns above the lazy river a dose of their own medicine!  :)

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