Thursday, March 15, 2012

In with the new, out with the old. Schools that is.

It has been a busy few weeks around here.  We celebrated the boys' 4th birthday, changed schools, and have been running around pretty much non-stop.  Oh, yeah, and recuperating from a nasty case of never ending bronchitis.  :)

We are still learning how things work at the new school, but overall I think the boys are doing an amazing job of settling in.  Connor in particular really loves the new school, and has really hit it off with one of his new teachers - Ms. April.  He misses some of his old friends of course, but has already made a new friend, and is in puzzle heaven.  :)  Ms. April caught me the 2nd day as I was picking the boys up and told me that Connor has been an absolute delight and that she had never seen such a puzzle maniac before.  He is determined to work his way through each and every puzzle in the room and is off to a flying start.  When I asked Connor if he liked his new school he said that he did and that he "spent too many days at his old school" and wanted to "go back to the new school all the rest of the days."  I am so glad he's adjusting so well.  Even on day 1, he went right in and joined the class at circle time. 

Ryan's a little harder to tell.  Not that he's not talking about it, because both the boys in fact have been little magpies when I pick them up.  They are bouncing off the walls, and chomping at the bit to tell me all about their day.  They spent every second of the 23 minute ride home telling me stories and arguing over who gets to tell me what next.  :)  Ryan likes his afternoon teacher Ms. Claira who completely unprompted pronounced him full of charm and personality the first day, delightful the second, and told us the third day with conviction that we had nothing to worry about that both the boys in fact fit right in.  She seemed surprised at how well they were adjusting, as if they had been there forever.  On Ryan's 1st day he told me quite accusatorily that "there were NO CARS in his room."  And went on to tell me that in fact "there was NOTHING with WHEELS!!!"  The second day he discovered the location of at least 2 cars - including a yellow corvette that I am sure made his day.  And when I picked him up on the 3rd he had found a giant rug and a train set with plenty of track to build out to his hearts desire.  So I think he is starting to come around. 

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