Friday, January 7, 2011

Potty Training Success

Ryan put something *IN* the potty last night, and again TWICE this morning. I was so thrilled I let him polish off his marshmallow treat from Christmas. So of course now he's all about running to the potty with the expectation of getting a treat. And when he says he's done and there been no business and I tell him there's no treat he's ready to get back on and try some more because he's not leaving until there's a treat. And there's no way Connor is letting Ryan get a treat without him. Connor got a little something in last night, and got an honorable mention for effort today. He also got applause not only from us, but also from Ryan last night. It was so sweet the way Ryan cheered Connor on from upstairs in his bed. "YEA!! CONNOR!!!"

So maybe there is some hope... someday...

Now if only I had that much hope for my Aggies. It isn't looking good for them in the Cotton Bowl against LSU tonight.

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