Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bouncin' Bears

It was Matthew's turn this weekend. And boy did he pick a GREAT place - Bouncin Bears. We had never been there before, but with weekend open play hours I definately see more visits in our future! The place was absolutely GINORMUS. And there were so many cool bouncers.

One of the best parts - there wasn't a single one they couldn't do entirely by themselves.

And believe me when I say they tried them all. Several times. :) Not that Kevin and I didn't try some of them out just to be sure... :) And I might have raced the boys through the obstacle course a time or two. Before I passed out. :) And did I mention the giant pillow? And despite the fact that there were two parties at the same time it wasn't the least bit crowded. The boys drug their band of friends from bouncer to bouncer and were often the only ones on each one. And Ryan. He was a CHAMP. Despite chugging a sports drink that I swear was bigger than he was, and juice, and water he kept his big boy underwear completely 100% dry.
Because this kid? He's potty trained.

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