Tuesday, March 30, 2010

School Easter Treats

When I dropped the kids off at school last week I saw sign-up sheets were up for the upcoming school Easter Party. Parents had volunteered left and right to cover everything except favor bags. Having done the Valentines' Day bags in February I decided to let someone else have a turn. Day in and day out over the next week I noticed the favor slot stayed open. Needing to grab some things to fill the boy's Easter baskets I thought I would keep an eye out while I was shopping to see if there was something I could do for school as well.

At lunch one day I found some pinwheels and marshmallow k-bobs that I thought would be perfect and easy. So I picked them up and put the boys' name on the sign-up sheet. I arranged everything in baskets and was all ready to go.

Then I made the mistake of going back to the store to pick up just one more thing for the kid's baskets.... Item after item jumped into my cart and before I knew it two items had grown into an entire goodie bag.

In addition to the pinwheel and marshmallow kbobs there were now Annie's bunnies, a 5 pack of sidewalk chalk, a box of jelly beans, a 4oz bottle of scented bubbles, and a three inch tall milk chocolate bunny. I couldn't wait for the kids to see them. :)

I had fun putting them together, and the looks on the kid's faces when they saw them and got to take them home was just priceless. I couldn't even get the boys to let go of them when we got to the car. Needless to say I think they were a big hit.

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