Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween was BIG. So big in fact that I am going to have to break it into "fun size" pieces. Which appear to be about 2 1/2 times "mini" size just in case you are wondering. Not that I have been hitting the kids candy stash or anything. Though I might have had that bigger than a kids mouth size lemon head if I could have managed to get it out of the package without having to get up and get the scissors. :)

So, Halloween Day - we spent the morning packing up our traveling house (mini high chairs, pack n plays, etc.) and headed to Kevin's parents for the day. We got there just in time to feed the boys lunch and put them down for a nap. Kevin helped his parents with the Halloween decorations while I took advantage of the kid free time to enjoy the beautiful weather and carve a pumpkin out on the back porch. I don't even remember the last time I carved a pumpkin. It was far less messy than I remembered, but it also required far more hand stamina that than I recalled, too. The boys, afraid to miss a moments' excitement, were up far too early. I had just finished the rough design, but didn't have time to really clean it up. But I don't think they noticed. It got the same delighted "Pumpkin" and pointing fingers that it got before I carved it. :) Though I used a pattern I am fairly certain the final product bears only a passing resemblance to the original. :)

And it clearly looks better lit up at night with some tea lights than it did by the light of day. :)

Speaking of daylight - with the boys up and ready to prowl we headed towards the park by way of the wooded paths with the boys' cousin Kendall along for the excitement. All 3 kids took turns running in circles up the stairs, across the bridge, and down the big swirly slide. And the more times they went the more static they amassed. As evidenced best by Ryan's hair.

He certainly looked like a monster this Halloween! Though it was funny that the second his feet touched the ground his hair would take up it's former position laying tamely on his head. But should you happen to get your hand anywhere near him static would arc amidst a shocking blue flash of light to give you a real zap. Ouch!

After we had visited all our old friends - the slides, the swings, the mulch, the squirrels and of course played keep away from mom in the forest amongst the spider web clad yaupons we headed back. And with the laughable idea of getting a few cute pictures a la last year ....

managed this one. It was as good as it got before the fraidy cats bolted. Chased off by a cacophony of moving, talking, racket making monstrosities stirred up by Kevin's dad.

(to be continued...)

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