Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From one holiday to the next

Those holidays can sneak right up on you at the end of the year. Don't blink or they might just pass you by all together.

I don't remember if I mentioned it or not, but just before Halloween I went shopping in Canton for First Monday. I determinedly set out to see all I wanted to see in just one day. Clearly an aggressive goal if there ever was one, but I was optimistic that I would succeed. And I almost did - a map might have helped because even despite my uncanny sense of direction I missed a whole barn. In my defence I was clearly distracted by all the goodies and trying to figure out how much room I might have left in the car to fit just one more little thing. Little did I know when I came up with the plan just how many things I would see that I had to take home with me. Like this turkey, because who doesn't need a 4 foot tall turkey at their front door to welcome guests from Halloween to Thanksgiving? And in case it's hard to read his sign reads "Gobble till ya Wobble." Sooo cute!!

So after Halloween as the ghosts, goblins and monsters were put back in their place to await next year out came the turkey to liven up the fall decor.

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